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6 Tips for a Successful Commercial Renovation

Commercial construction, renovation, and redesign projects are no small feat. But when done right, a commercial renovation can completely revitalize a space and breathe new life into any commercial operation. If you’re about to start a renovation, then the agricultural and design-build contractors at Atkinson Construction Ltd. have 6 tips that can help secure a successful renovation for any commercial space. Read more.

Our Top 5 Construction Site Safety Tips

For many Edmonton general contractors, working on a construction site is a thrilling way to make a living.  Every day you’re tasked with operating incredible equipment. One day you might be riding in a crane and the next walking on scaffolding so high it’s almost like flying. But the things that make a construction site facinating are the same things that can put you at risk.

With proper planning and safety procedures, there’s no reason that a construction site can’t be a safe workplace. Read more.

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