6 Tips for a Successful Commercial Renovation

Commercial construction, renovation, and redesign projects are no small feat. But when done right, a commercial renovation can completely revitalize a space and breathe new life into any commercial operation. If you’re about to start a renovation, then the agricultural and design-build contractors at Atkinson Construction Ltd. have 6 tips that can help secure a successful renovation for any commercial space.

  1. Identify your purpose and set a budget The first step for any commercial construction is to clearly identify your purpose. Doing so will not only help the project move forward more quickly and smoothly, but it will also help you set the proper budget. Do you want to add more square footage? Update your technology? Improve the overall look of the space? It is important to be able to answer these and other similar questions.
  2. Think ahead As well as thinking about your purpose for renovating right now, you also want to think about how you’ll likely be using the space several years from now. Making a 5-year plan and renovating accordingly is highly recommended. This can save you from needing to make another major renovation in the near future.
  3. Think energy-efficiency A major renovation is the perfect time to include more energy-efficient features into your commercial space. In fact, even renovating solely for the purposes of improving energy-efficiency can be highly beneficial in the long term. Investing in energy-efficient lighting, energy-efficient windows, and a better HVAC system will save you significantly on energy costs.
  4. Put yourself in your employees’ and customers’ shoes During a commercial renovation, it is important to think about how the people who will be working there are going to be using the space. Investing in good ergonomics, for example, can be immensely helpful for employees who do desk work. You should also think about the customer experience when deciding on aspects of a commercial space such as the lighting and flooring.
  5. Think of how your renovation can reflect your brandThinking about how you want your brand to be reflected in your commercial space is a crucial. Every commercial space is going to be unique. Some, like a law firm, need to come off as professional and organized. Other spaces may want to go for a more relaxed and fun aesthetic. It all depends on the kind of message you want to send and the customers you want to attract.
  6. Work with trusted Edmonton general contractors Having to coordinate the various different design and construction firms that work together on a commercial construction project can be a headache. Thankfully, hiring the trusted Edmonton general contractors at Atkinson Construction Ltd. completely eliminates the stress and confusion of working with several different firms at once. We can see your project through from the first design stages to the very end.

If you’re looking for experienced design-build contractors in Edmonton who are going to listen to your needs and wants, then don’t hesitate to contact Atkinson Construction Ltd. today.

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