Atkinson Construction Ltd. is very safety conscientious. We have only had two WCB claims since we started in the construction industry. Our WCB rating is the highest possible class. We have qualified for PIR (Partners in Injury Reduction) and COR (Certification of Recognition). As you may know, COR is a very involved process which includes safety audits on our business once every year. Every 3rd year we are audited by a peer company selected by the COR program, and we conduct internal audits in years 1 & 2.


Atkinson Construction Ltd. has an in-depth Company Safety Manual made up of system of policies& responsibilities, safe work procedures& policies, hazard assessments, and guidelines for performing work safely and effectively to achieve project quality, budget, and schedule.ACL complies with all relevant legislation/guidelines provides employees a safe working setting while protecting those who may be affected by our construction activities. All employees will be expected to follow the policies, procedures, and practices as outlined in the Company Safety Manual

Employees are ACL’s most valuable asset, and ACL is devoted to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, and those associated with ACL.

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