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Fortress 7 Development – Fox Creek, Alberta

Brown’s Chrysler Dealership – Westlock, AB

Grove Chrysler Dealership – Spruce Grove, Alberta

Slave Lake Community Christian Centre

Bruderheim Fire Station

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October 28, 2014

ACL is currently working on Trailblazer RV in Parkland County just off Highway 16A, Pace Oilfield & Hauling in Leduc, and OK Ford in Lac La Biche. These are all large commercial projects! We have finished the Precision Design projects in Westlock, as well as Book Insulation in Spruce Grove and Denning Storage in Parkland County. Check out our Projects Page to have a look at the progress and the final design renders for these projects!

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July 8, 2014

The Jerry Ford Dealership in Edson is now in business. The client is moved in and ACL is just finishing up some ongoing site work. Precision Design Metal Storage in Westlock is virtually complete with a few small items to finish up, and the Precision Design Office Addition & Renovation in Westlock is well underway. The OK Ford Dealership in Lac La Biche is progressing well, as is Book Insulations in Spruce Grove. The foundation has been poured at Denning Storage in Acheson. Soon ACL will begin work for Trailblazer RV Dealership in Parkland County of Highway 16A, and at Pace Oilfield Shop/Office in Leduc County! Stay tuned for future updates.


April 28, 2014

All projects are moving along nicely . ACL is currently working on 5 projects; two Ford dealerships on the go (Jerry Ford in Edson, OK Ford in Lac La Biche), two buildings for Precision Design in Westlock, and one building for Book Insulations in Spruce Grove. ACL is going to be breaking ground on a few new projects very shortly, more info and updates to come!


November 25, 2013

The Jerry Ford dealership in Edson is progressing very nicely. The two projects in Westlock, Precision Design Metal Storage Building & Precision Design Office Addition are well underway. ACL has recently started a shop/office project for Book Insulations in Spruce Grove as well. Soon we will be starting on the addition & renovation for OK Ford in Lac La Biche.

-Stay tuned!


September 18, 2013

ACL is currently finishing up two projects. The first is the Gibbons Community Centre, located in Gibbons AB. The second is the Slave Lake Community Christian Centre, located in Slave Lake. A large Ford Dealership is currently being constructed in Edson, AB, and should be done in the spring. There will also be a couple of projects starting up soon in Westlock, and another Ford Dealership in Lac La Biche!

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